One of the most modern and effective health-preserving and shaping technologies of the 21st century. Intensive cardio training, infrared radiation, and magnetic therapy are effective on their own, but here we are talking about a special alloy. When using the machine, you can burn up to 6-800 or even 1000 calories in 50 minutes, depending on the intensity. In the machine, the infrared radiator generates a temperature of roughly 50-60 degrees, at this temperature we need to ride the bike comfortably while lying down. This form of training can be done by anyone, does not require pre-training, and is extremely joint-friendly. The only Infra Trainer station in Jászberény.

Beneficial effects:


  • Infrared light and pulsed magnetic therapy improve the supply of oxygen to cells, increase metabolism, help muscle regeneration, and strengthen the immune system.


  • Sweating is the safest and most natural way to detoxify the body. Training with INFRATRAINER results in the highest possible sweating in addition to low-intensity muscle work.


  • Collagen plays an important role in filling the space between cells, bone elasticity, and cartilage tissue structure. INFRATRAINER stimulates collagen production, shapes the body, smoothes wrinkles, and rejuvenates the skin.

Price List


1 time 

2 800 HUF


5 times 

15 000 HUF + 1 bonus time


10 times 

28 000 HUF + 2 bonus time