Jászberény's only squash court, which is a dynamic, anaerobic movement-requiring, great endurance-building sport, speed, explosiveness and requires good technical knowledge. It has a great effect on the cardiovascular system, as well as metabolism. Another big advantage is that it requires a lot of energy to a large extent it digests the carbohydrates stored in our body.


•Burn calories.

• Improves circulation, increases the stamina of the heart, lungs and muscles.

• Increases muscle flexibility.

• Your arms and legs will be visibly more muscular

• Improves hand-eye coordination.

• Increases your cardiovascular function so that your heart can pump more oxygen into your muscles.

• Continuous concentration makes you mentally stronger.


Squash - in the morning

1 time in the morning 

1 600 HUF

Squash - in the afternoon

1 time in the afternoon 

2 800 HUF

Squash - in the weekend

1 time in the weekend 

1 600 HUF

Squash - 5 times in the morning

5 times in the morning 

7 500 HUF

Squash - 10 times in the morning

10 times in the morning 

13 500 HUF

Squash - 5 times in the afternoon

5 times in the afternoon 

13 000 HUF

Squash - 10 times in the afternoon

10 times in the afternoon 

23 500 HUF