The csokicső® is a special solarium tube development, with the regular use of which a dark "chocolate" color can be achieved in a short time. This special tanning tube is made in an almost inimitable way based on a secret "recipe". One of the largest lamp factories in Europe in Germany. There is a standing and lying machine in our solarium.

Its positive effects include:

•The amount of toxic substances in the blood decreases.

• Improves the ability of cells to regenerate.

• The skin's own defense system is strengthened.

• Treatment of acne.

• Strengthens the body's immune system.

• Improves well-being, makes you feel good.

Price List


100 HUF/min

Solarium - 60 minute pass

60 minute pass 

4 400 HUF

Solarium - 90 minute pass

90 minute pass 

6 400 HUF

Solarium - 120 minute pass

120 minute pass 

8 000 HUF

Solarium - 240 minute pass

240 minute pass 

15 200 HUF